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the fox confessor brings the flood
oh fox confessor please
on my guilty feet
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16th-Jan-2008 06:40 pm - her love pours like a fountain
holding close my secrets

That's right folks, most of you know anyway, but I have bitten the bullet and reloated to hezy_fics. Hope to see you over there! This com will stay exactly as it is so that should you for whatever bizarre reason want to find a fic of mine there'll be accessible.

There is an ARCHIVE at my new com.

29th-Dec-2007 05:27 pm - "Now. Let's get on with business."
holding close my secrets
TITLE: Nerve.
FANDOM: Brutality (RPG)
CHARACTER/PAIRING: Lidochka Mikhaylov, featuring Nikolai Zuyev.
GENRE: Action/Suspense/Drama
WORDS: 2791
NOTES: Deliving into Lidochka and Nikolai's past once more, this is a sequel to Invincible and it's a little heavy, if you've read the first one you might already have an idea why. If you don't like reading violent, sometimes graphic narratives, here there be a warning: This fic contains violent, graphic imagery, foul language and torture. Title and summary are taken from Wild by Poe. Nikolai belongs to the wonderful clez.
SUMMARY: I would do anything to tear you off your precious fence...

NerveCollapse )
26th-Dec-2007 02:50 am - "Go back to bed, Aled,"
holding close my secrets
TITLE: Tearing A Hole.
FANDOM: Brutality (RPG)
CHARACTER/PAIRING: Nerys Llanfair, Aled Llanfair.
GENRE: Angst/Drama/Suspense(?)
WORDS: 1911
NOTES: Quarrel for 100_prompts, this is the first of three parts of something that has been in my head since Nerys' conception but I have always shied away from writing it, or discussing it really, until I felt I had a better handle on her abilities at least. It's always been something I've been reluctant to touch but... without wanting to sound weird it feels time. It's set in the past, obviously given that Aled's in it, and it's... kind of vague XD Title and summary are taken from Control by Poe.
SUMMARY: While you were looking the other way, while you had your eyes closed...

Tearing A HoleCollapse )
4th-Dec-2007 04:24 am - "Smile."
holding close my secrets
Title: Bits and Bobs.
Fandom: Brutality RPG // Ever Winter Tales // Beyond Evolution
Character/Pairing: Nerys Llanfair, Teresa Reign, Lidochka Mikhaylov, Harper Smith, Susan Gardner
Rating: PG13; language.
Word Count: 3636
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: Little random snippets that have popped into my brain, I started to try and turn into ficlets (they might get there one day XD), or else just typed out as notes, a couple are starts to posts that I wrote and then rejected and tried again, even though I liked them - usually they just didn't quite make sense- anyway, I thought I might as well post them for funsies. Lalala. Cameos; Keegan MacInyre, Nate Wilder, Marcus Rivera and Aiden Fields belong to clez, Heidi Fischer belongs to ladynorbert and omg I know there's a lot of Nerys. XD SORRY!
Summary: '.'

Bits and Bobs.Collapse )

holding close my secrets
Title: Pride
Fandom: Brutality RPG
Character/Pairing: Teresa Reign.
Rating: PG13; language.
Word Count: 1198
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: No cameos dudes. This preceeds the 'four year war' talked about in Teresa's bio, but she's what I call an 'island character' so move along. Title and summary come from PTS.OF.ATHRTY by Linkin Park.
Summary: 'You love the way I look at you, while taking pleasure in the awful things I put you through.'

PrideCollapse )
9th-Nov-2007 01:41 am - "It's Sunday."
holding close my secrets
Title: Make Contact
Fandom: Brutality RPG
Character/Pairing: Irina Bianchi, Connor Hall, Connor/Irina
Prompt: Deviate for 10_prompts
Rating: G(?)
Word Count: 701
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: It had to happen. Connor/Irina fluff. You knew the time would come, haha. I tred to hold onto a little bit of the will-they-won't-they feeling that this pairing gives off, not sure how successful I was x__X. Connor belongs to sethoz, Irina belongs to me. Title and summary come from We Looked Like Giants by Death Cab for Cutie.
Summary: 'I held you closer than anyone would ever get.'

Make ContactCollapse )
holding close my secrets
Title: The Heart of Everything
Fandom: Brutality RPG
Character/Pairing: Nerys MacIntyre, featuring Keegan, Aerona and Bryn.
Rating: R or blood/violence and language.
Word Count: 4234 >.>
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: This fic is a long time coming. To put it mildly. This is my half of a the duelling ficlet pair clez and I 'started' wtf a long time ago, so it's a sort of follow on from Something Fragile by the wonderful Clez herself. Keegan obviously belongs to her. This ate my brain and ran away and it ends abruptly :D!
Title and summary come from The Heart of Everything by Within Temptation.
Summary: 'Stay with me now I’m facing my last solemn hour...'

The Heart of EverythingCollapse )
14th-Oct-2007 01:57 pm - "It's okay."
holding close my secrets
Title: Still Falling
Fandom: Brutality RPG
Character/Pairing: Nerys Llanfair and Keegan MacIntyre; Keegan/Nerys
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 1084
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: For clez who owns Keegan and who gave me the prompt, "I'm strong on the surface, not all the way through." I'd apologise for these drabbles all being out of order from now on but... uh, I'm not sorry XD Sorry!
Summary: 'It was you breathless and tall, I could feel myself turn to dust. '

Still FallingCollapse )
holding close my secrets
Title: Dry Your Eyes
Fandom: Brutality RPG
Character/Pairing: Nerys Llanfair
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2233
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: This one's odd, I'm warning you now. Something weird happened in my brain the other day... I can't explain it. I hope it's not too self-involved or sue-like, you know me though, I get a little involved with some of my muses - especially Nerrie. Title and summary are from Ophelia by Natalie Merchant who is quickly catching up theme music wise for my oldest Brutality muse >.>
Summary: 'Through sacred doors, down corridors she'd wander them alone...'

Dry Your EyesCollapse )
18th-Sep-2007 11:05 am - "It's Tolyev."
holding close my secrets
Title: Invincible
Fandom: Brutality RPG
Character/Pairing: Lidochka Mikhaylov and Nikolai Zuyev (NPC)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 855
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: This has been sitting on my computer for wtfever and... I dunno. I figured I might as well just post it. It's not that great XD Title and summary are from Invincible by MUSE.
Summary: 'Don't give up the fight, you will be alright...'

InvincibleCollapse )
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