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the fox confessor brings the flood
oh fox confessor please
on my guilty feet
"It's Sunday." 
9th-Nov-2007 01:41 am
holding close my secrets
Title: Make Contact
Fandom: Brutality RPG
Character/Pairing: Irina Bianchi, Connor Hall, Connor/Irina
Prompt: Deviate for 10_prompts
Rating: G(?)
Word Count: 701
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: It had to happen. Connor/Irina fluff. You knew the time would come, haha. I tred to hold onto a little bit of the will-they-won't-they feeling that this pairing gives off, not sure how successful I was x__X. Connor belongs to sethoz, Irina belongs to me. Title and summary come from We Looked Like Giants by Death Cab for Cutie.
Summary: 'I held you closer than anyone would ever get.'

Make Contact

Birds' cawing their morning song was not what roused her from sleep. Nor was it the pale sunlight eking its way through the drapes around the window, the sun mere moments away from breaching the horizon over Los Angeles, meaning that the light wasn't strong enough to have such an effect on the female as of yet. At first Irina didn't know what it was that woke her up but given a moment for the fog of sleep to subside the realisation emerged.

The brunette turned her head to the right sleepily, stretching and arching beneath the crisp white sheets as she saw that she was right, he was getting up at the crack of dawn. Again. She could never understand how he managed it every day. She understood the why, the reasons behind it -years of habit were hard to break but she wasn't much of an early riser and she couldn't comprehend how he actually managed it. It was just another way in which they differed she supposed. Not something that she would ever change about him, but something she made of point of arguing for compromise over.

"It's Sunday." She croaked, her voice was rough and she rolled onto her side to face him more fully as he swatted the duvet back down to the mattress without looking at it. Most mornings she was happy to let him get up and do whatever the hell he wanted, his whole zen morning routine thing, but Sunday was different. Sunday was the one day a week she spent sleeping late and lounging in bed. More recently, if she could help it she preferred to have company.

Connor Hall glanced at her over his shoulder; "I know it's Sunday." He pointed out, sitting on the side of the bed to pull on a pair of sweat pants.

"Then you know that I'm not lettin' you leave this room without a fight." A lopsided, drowsy smile warmed her words as she watched him. He paused and then looked at her again; she played with a lock of tousled brown hair, the rest of it spread around the pillow that she didn't even have the energy to lift herself from.

'Fight' was a dangerous word for either of them to use, it usually meant one of two things; sparring or shouting. Irina found both as enjoyable as the other, to some degree at least, when she wasn't thinking about how frustrating it was. They always made up afterwards anyway, where the fun usually came into the equation once again. Still at the precarious use of the word they held each others gaze silently for a minute before he managed his own small smile and looked away again.

The female fighter saw that as a challenge and she knew that Connor knew she was as good as her word; looking away was just encouraging her. He knew that too. He hadn't gotten up from the mattress yet anyway, he had to have known what was coming. He was practically asking for her to drag him back into the warm folds of the bedding. She shoved the duvet away and crawled forwards until she was kneeling behind and to the side of him.

He avoided her gaze.

"Are you sure there isn't somethin' I can do to make you stick around?" she mumbled the words against his temple, trailing a kiss to the hinge of his jaw. "It's cold. Stay in bed."

Connor growled, Irina could feel the vibrations of the sound against the fingertips of her hand as it wound across his collarbone.

"Don't," he started. Despite the feigned protest he reached up, fingers raking through the messy tangle of russet hair to touch her jaw, the side of her neck. Irina just smiled slowly, the battle already won. "You're a bad influence." He murmured pivoting from where he sat as she started to draw away again, his free hand found her waist and tugged her to keep her close.

Her smile only grew; "You love it."

"Shut up, you." He kissed her as she pulled him back onto the double bed and pressed herself into his embrace to doze in the watery morning sunlight, contented.


9th-Nov-2007 02:08 am (UTC)
Hurrah! I really hoped you would fdkjhskjdfh ♥

XD This pleases Irina no end, you should know.

Ree and Cons can be adorable and sweet! Yay for the Care Bears!
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