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the fox confessor brings the flood
oh fox confessor please
on my guilty feet
"Go back to bed, Aled," 
26th-Dec-2007 02:50 am
holding close my secrets
TITLE: Tearing A Hole.
FANDOM: Brutality (RPG)
CHARACTER/PAIRING: Nerys Llanfair, Aled Llanfair.
GENRE: Angst/Drama/Suspense(?)
WORDS: 1911
NOTES: Quarrel for 100_prompts, this is the first of three parts of something that has been in my head since Nerys' conception but I have always shied away from writing it, or discussing it really, until I felt I had a better handle on her abilities at least. It's always been something I've been reluctant to touch but... without wanting to sound weird it feels time. It's set in the past, obviously given that Aled's in it, and it's... kind of vague XD Title and summary are taken from Control by Poe.
SUMMARY: While you were looking the other way, while you had your eyes closed...

Tearing A Hole

Rain lashed against the Welsh countryside, bending trees with the gales that drove sheets of freezing water diagonally across the landscape and splashing great waves up the banks of the tarns over sodden grass and slippery rocks. Atop a hill, surrounded by the dark, quiet sheds that housed the equally quiet, cowed animals, the small farmhouse sat stout and strong, the windows were black and deep, the young occupants asleep and oblivious to the storm that raged around the stones. At least three of them were. The eldest of the four Llanfair siblings was awake and moving around the upstairs rooms swiftly but silently, checking the shutters, tucking blankets into the corners where the wind whistled so as to ensure her younger siblings did not wake. Lips pressed together in a thin line, hands shaking slightly in anticipation, she pulled the door to their shared bedroom closed and stood in the hallway a moment to compose herself, one hand rested on the door handle, the other over her stomach, tensely balling her nightgown into a fist.

Part of her knew this was reckless. It was obvious though that she had no other options, no one left to turn to, no one who would even come close to comprehending what it was she was going through.

Iowan Llanfair, her father, was in town, meaning she was in charge of her siblings' safety. Part of her knew she shouldn't even be considering what she was; the same part that thought it was madness oddly enough. That part knew what she was planning would be putting her siblings at risk, but at the same time if she didn't do it tonight who knew when she would get another chance. It had to be done when her father was out of the house; there were no two ways about that. At the same time she knew that if her brothers and sister awoke and found her missing from bed they would come looking for her and they would ask questions.

Questions Nerys didn't want to answer.

While she was sure she could fool the two younger Llanfair children if it came to that, the brother closest to her age knew her too well to buy into whatever story she would concoct, she didn't have one prepared should she need to lie. Aled was too clever, too insightful and he would know her plan with just one look into her eyes, at just one word of a lie from her mouth.

It had to be now.

Swallowing and pulling herself together, Nerys abandoned the door and crept across the landing to pick up her oil lamp from the rough credenza as she went, the sooner she got the whole thing over with the better.

As quietly as she could, reassured by the howl of the winds that buffeted the little house n the hill and the way they masked her footfalls, Nerys tiptoed down the hall to the stairs. Halfway down, face illuminated in a hot yellow glow form her lamp she stopped, holding her breath as the step beneath her gave a sharp groan of protest at her weight. Standing frozen her heart skipped up into her throat. She was sure she heard movement at the top of the stairs and turned wide green eyes up and over her shoulder to stare into the puddle of darkness she had left behind. After a breathless moment her suspicions were confirmed.


"Go back to bed, Aled,"


Waiting on the stairs, Nerys wordlessly willed her brother to go back to bed, one hand leant against the wall for support, her heart tripped and stumbled over itself in her chest and she looked up towards the landing area, to the mouth of the hallway where her brother would appear any second, a second glow was starting to creep into the shadows from the far end of the upstairs hallway.

Aled had lit a lamp.

"What are you doing up?" came his disembodied voice again.

"I couldn't sleep. Go back to bed."

More silence. This time though it was tense on two levels, Nerys could almost feel Aled searching her words and after a moment she heard his footsteps approaching the top of the stairs, a split second later and he came into view. Clumsily half dressed against the cold, blonde hair tousled from sleep, green eyes bleary for the same reason he stared down at her, the orange warmth from his own lamp did little to soften his concerned features.

After a pause on the top step he began to descend with a frown and Nerys knew she was found out.

Silently she turned and continued barefoot down the staircase. Maybe she could still do this. If she just managed to be as casual as possible he would give up and leave her to her own devices.

"Nerys, what are you doing?"

Without responding to the stern voice behind her, the young woman moved through the open doorway at the bottom of the staircase, to the right, making straight for the shutters. With a swift, bustling haste she set down her lamp and pulled them from where they rested against the white washed walls, snapping them shut and bolting them securely. Aled had moved into the room, watching her with narrowed eyes that she could feel boring into her back, looking through her in that eerie way she had come to expect. As she moved from the casement, lifting her chemise demurely as she went, making the door, she pointedly made no eye contact with her brother. Aled sighed heavily and followed his sister out of the room again, repeating her name in several different tones, testing her for a response, imploring her to stop and listen to him, but she was apparently hell bent on securing the house, ignoring him completely.

In the hallway again he grabbed her elbow and yanked her back roughly, spinning her around so that he stood holding her fiercely, toe to toe, a little spot of bright fiery illumination in an otherwise pitch black house.

"Listen to me!"

"What, Aled?" Nerys glared at her brother, though he was younger by two years he was already equal to her in height and they stared at each other intensely, "What do you want?"

"I want you to stop this madness."

Nerys looked at her brother as if he had just slapped her, her eyes wide with disgust and shock, lips parted. After a moment she wrenched her arm out of his grasp, not trusting herself to speak, she backed away silently instead and then turned away again, moving for the front door to the farmhouse. Aled stayed at the foot of the stairs, pinching the bridge of his nose between his index finger and thumb of his free hand. Regretting his choice of words and knowing that he had hit a pressure point for his sister.

"I'm sorry." he offered, voice hushed, "I shouldn't have said that."

No answer came.

Impatiently Aled dropped his hand to his side; "Nerrie, I said I'm sorry."

"Don't speak to me of madness, Aled." She spat, ignoring the apology and bolting the door at the top and bottom with two loud snaps, then giving the handle a tug, testing its strength for unknown reasons. "I need answers. I can't live like this any more, and I refuse to end up like her, scratching at the door like some stray cat, moaning and crying. I won't become like her." The blonde turned to face her brother, "I won't."

"I understand but-"

"Oh! You understand!" A bitter laugh split the air, Nerys threw her empty hand in the air only to have it land at her side again, the gesture one of restlessness and anger. Tears seared in her eyes with frustrating immediacy and she had to look away. When she spoke again her voice was low and resentful; "Tell me. How long have you been able to see the dead? You've been keeping it awfully quiet."

Aled grimaced, face twisting into an expression rarely seen on the young man, "That's not fair!" he shouted against the wind.

Quickly Nerys motioned him to be quiet, looking towards the stairs anxiously, suddenly realising they were arguing loudly, their voices tightening and growing in volume with every word that passed their angry, hurt lips until they physically forced themselves to stop and breathe. For a long moment they stared at each other in that silence. It wasn't fair. Nerys knew she was taking out her frustrations and fears on her brother and he didn't deserve or need that, but she couldn't help it. For too long she had been haunted. For too long she had been looked upon by her father as if she made him physically sick to his stomach. Enough was enough. It had to end one way or another and the simple fact of the matter was that Aled didn't understand that. The desperation she felt, running hot through her veins, making her sweat and shake with the need to do something, anything. Just to make it stop. Just to quiet the voices. The nightmares. The fear. Aled couldn't understand and he couldn't help, no one could and no one could answer the hundreds of question that she had.

No one alive anyway.

"Da wouldn't want you to," Aled hissed, and at those words his sister gave an exasperated sigh threaded through an oath as she turned on the spot and started moving down the hallway to the kitchen. Her brother moved a split second later, shadowing her steps as he spoke from behind her, eyes on the back of her head, on the soft, loose tresses of blond hair; "You know as well as I do, if Mam was here she wouldn't want you to either, Nerrie! Mam wouldn't want this!"

"I told you not to speak to me about her! Not ever." Nerys choked, turning in the kitchen doorway so abruptly that her brother almost collided with her. As he steadied himself she pointed a shaking finger at him; "Da isn't here and when he gets back you're not going to tell him about this, he doesn't need to know."

She didn't wait for a response; she turned and passed through into the cold, quiet kitchen where se moved to the iron rings of keys by the back door and started thumbing through them with a frown.

Aled stood where he was, one hand on the doorframe, watching her movements, reluctant to go further; "Please. Don't do this." He pleaded in a voice that yanked at his older sister's heart, "Please."

With a trembling hand, Nerys grabbed the key she wanted and turned. Silently, eyes fixed on the cellar door she moved again, the gentle whisper of cotton on skin the only sound in the room before she slid the key home and heard the clunk of the locking mechanism freeing itself. Gripping the handle to the cellar door, Nerys finally turned her eyes away from the wood and stared at Aled, who implored her silently one last time not to carry out her plan. After a heart stopping moment of indecision, Nerys found her resolution, pulled the door open in a white knuckled grip and turned sharply into the darkness that awaited her.

Only one person could answer her questions and there was only one place in the house that Nerys could contact her.

The place Mari Llanfair had died.


26th-Dec-2007 04:43 am (UTC)
dnslkjfgrhiuestiy5oldt *flails* Omg, tense >.>! Clearly, I can't wait for the next part, but I shall! Because it will be wtfworththewait @__@ ♥ I love these looks into Nerrie's past. So. Much. Love ♥

Edited at 2007-12-26 04:44 am (UTC)
26th-Dec-2007 04:57 am (UTC)
dkfjhakjdsfjomgwtf Thank you Clezzy ♥! *runsandhidesnowkthnx* >.>!!
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